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Richard K. Smucker

Age: 72

Professional Experience
Mr. Smucker has been our Executive Chairman since May 2016. He served as Chief Executive Officer from August 2011 through April 2016, Co-Chief Executive Officer from February 2001 through August 2011, Executive Chairman from August 2008 through August 2011, and President from August 1987 through April 2011. He was a director of The Sherwin-Williams Company, a publicly traded manufacturer of coatings and related products, from September 1991 through April 2016. Mr. Smucker also served as a director of the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank from January 2010 through December 2015. Mr. Smucker is the brother of Timothy P. Smucker, who serves as a Director of the Company, and the uncle of Mark T. Smucker, who serves as a Director and executive officer of the Company.

Skills and Qualifications
The Board concluded that Mr. Smucker should serve as a Director largely due to his role as our Executive Chairman and former Chief Executive Officer, his intimate knowledge of the Company, his experience serving as a director of other private and public companies, and his financial knowledge and experience. The Board believes that Mr. Smucker’s extensive experience in and knowledge of our business gained as a result of his long-time service as a member of management is essential to the Board’s oversight of the Company and our business operations. The Board also believes that continuing participation by qualified members of the Smucker family on the Board is an important part of our corporate culture that has contributed significantly to our long-term success.

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