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Susan E. Chapman-Hughes

Age: 51

Chairperson of Compensation and People Committee
Member of the Compensation and People Committee

Professional Experience
Ms. Chapman-Hughes is the former Executive Vice President and General Manager, Global Head of Digital Capabilities, Transformation and Operations, Global Commercial Services of American Express Company, a financial services corporation, since February 2018. Prior to this role, Ms. Chapman-Hughes served in several Senior Vice President level positions since joining American Express Company in 2010, including Senior Vice President, US Large Market, Global Corporate Payments from December 2014 through February 2018; Senior Vice President, US Account Development, Global Corporate Payments from November 2013 through December 2014; and Senior Vice President, Global Real Estate and Workplace Enablement from July 2010 through November 2013. Ms. Chapman-Hughes also served as the Global Chief Administrative Officer and Head of Operations and Strategy, Citi Realty Services for Citigroup, Inc. from 2004 through 2010. In addition, Ms. Chapman-Hughes served as a director, the chair of the compensation committee, and a member of the nominating and governance committee of Potbelly Corporation, a publicly traded restaurant company, from May 2014 through June 2020.

Skills and Qualifications

The Board concluded that Ms. Chapman-Hughes should serve as a Director primarily due to her significant experience in managing and overseeing businesses, as well as her strong corporate governance experience as a member of a public company board. Specifically, Ms. Chapman-Hughes brings leadership and operating skills through her current and former roles with American Express Company and Citigroup, Inc. Ms. Chapman-Hughes’s background enables her to provide valuable insights to the Board, particularly in sales, strategy, digital capabilities and technology, innovation, change management, and overseeing our executive compensation and environmental, social, and governance practices.

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