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Mercedes Abramo

Age: 53
Director Since: 2023

Member of Audit Committee

Professional Experience
Ms. Abramo has been the Deputy Chief Commercial Officer of Cartier, an international chain of jewelry boutiques since March 2023. Prior to her current role at Cartier, Ms. Abramo held several positions of increasing responsibility, including President and Chief Executive Officer; Vice President, Retail, North America; Assistant Vice President, Retail, New York Region; and Director, Fifth Avenue Mansion, United States Flagship. Prior to joining Cartier, Ms. Abramo spent five years with Tiffany & Co. in various Director positions and six years with various luxury hotels in management roles. Ms. Abramo is a founding member of Chief, a private network designed specifically for women leaders to strengthen their experience in the C-suite and effect change from the top down.

Skills and Qualifications
The Board concluded that Ms. Abramo should serve as a Director primarily due to her experience serving as a chief executive officer and her extensive experience in managing and overseeing retail, hospitality, and luxury goods. Specifically, Ms. Abramo brings significant leadership, finance, operating, and strategy experience through her positions with Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Ms. Abramo’s background enables her to provide valuable insights to the Board, particularly in strategy, operations, e-commerce, people management, marketing, supply chain and in overseeing the Company’s finances and ESG areas.

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